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Presentations first!

We’re Michael and Fabrizio

Scrum & LEGO® Serious Play®

As soon as we met – after years of remote Twitter friendship – we knew we would ended up doing something..
We couldn’t image we would have created a brand new format for a workshop, that we found natural to call ScrumLSP.

So November 10th 2017 became an important date for ScrumLSP, because it’s exactly when we unleashed/released/made our debut with our very first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Rome @ TIM’s Workingcapital #WCAP.

Since then the journey is on and YOU can be part of the next step!

Fabrizio & Michael


Fabrizio Faraco

Fabrizio Faraco

Co-founder - LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator

Based in Rome, is a facilitator certified in (among others) “LEGO® Serious Play® method and materials”.

He defines himself as “a strategist who has lived in diverse worlds”.
Now he’s helping Companies in achieving considerable results in constant changing scenarios, mastering digital marketing strategies & business modelling, whilst keeping the focus on success strategies.

Michael F. Forni

Michael F. Forni

Co-founder - Agile evangelist

Active mainly in London (but often visiting native Italy Milan and Rome) is literally a “Social animal”.
As certified Scrum Master, Coach & Trainer acts as Agile Coach to help his teams to deliver valuable software; he also supports & coaches some startups in their everyday day path to success within an important Accelerator in London, UK.

Jacopo S. Capetta

Jacopo S. Capetta

Top contributor

Despite his 3 Names and 2 Surnames everybody knows his as “Jacopo”.

He defines himself as a “Methodologist”: his goal is to help people in building strategies and doing business scientifically and with simple, immediate and engaging tools! With a Law studies background he got specialised in strategic marketing; he also designed processes and managed projects for over ten years now.
He studies and applies two great passions: Design thinking and Lego® Serious Play®
He provides some essential support in facilitating ScrumLSP® workshops almost from the very beginning of the journey.



(complexity caught by a LEGO bricks metaphore)

This is the only officially authorised source of RetroLSP as per its formalisation on June 2018.

Warning: whatever might derive from this document or its implementation that is not respecting this format cannot be identified as “RetroLSP”.

Download it from here -> RetroLSP

ScrumLSP in Action!


29th November, London
“ScrumLSP© Original” The workshop to approach and understand the Agile Manifesto through the exploration and experimentation of Scrum & LSP© blended together.

This is the original format of our workshop (conducted by a certified Scrum Master respecting LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) open source tools).

Join one the format creators together with Marco D’Emilia & other forward thinkers like you on 29 November, @ the HQ of Contact Engine in Shoreditch, Central London (Old Street tube station).

Click on “Go to the event page” button to read more and join us!
We’ll be celebrating the outcomes and you can enjoy some good networking until 8:00 pm.
Book as soon as you can: seats are limited!

Reserve your seats now!

ScrumLSP Lean Startup Edition: Scrum, LSP© & Lean Canvas blended together!

One of the most exciting integration of ScrumLSP approach is with Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas.
We are happy to deliver a “Startup Edition” variation especially tailored on Start Up needs.
The understanding and learing-by-doing training power of ScrumLSP perfectly fits on this innovative canvas, as allows the participants to better grasp its inner power, thanks to the effective use of LEGO Serious Play “metaphor language” within regular Scrum Sprints (iterative learning).

For those who are not familiar with Lean Canvas (indisputable alternative to traditional Business Plans) we are happy to share Ash Maurya’s original video course, effectively illustrated by a short introduction. Enjoy!

Side projects

Maurya’s Lean Canvas

As products have gone from being delivered in a box to being delivered over the Internet, there’s been a dramatic shift in how customers consume, demand, and interact with products.
The challenge today isn’t building products, but uncovering what to build.
In this new world, speed of learning has become the new unfair advantage. Companies that learn fast, outlearn their competition, and get to build what customers really want. By doing this continuously, they stay relevant to their customers, and see their business models thrive and grow.
Author: Ash Maurya , published on YouTube 27 mar 2018

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